Friday, August 17, 2007



It was just a bit of air,
Hardly detectable, barely there.
A little steam, nothing more.
Nothing less.

Like a pregnant mother
Nurturing her to-be-born with care.
It was still just a bit of air.

But time added to it, it grew,
Getting heavier by the day,
Taking on a darker shade - sinister grey.

And then one windy dark noon
It was released.
Downwards it went, towards nothing in particular
Towards the earth for sure.

The wind tossed it about; merciless
The earth pulling it faster. And faster.
A million of its brethren
All around; as far as could see.

The vision was a blur
But that wasn't important.
It was more about the union -
Heaven and earth.

Just one drop. Followed by another
And then another, till all came down
Hitting the ground hard
With all it ever had.

Something needs to be lost
For something greater to be gained.
The earth gets parched, nearly dies
But then it will have surely rained.