Sunday, February 11, 2007

Light, little light


I trudged along the border
Of the shore
As waves beat mercilessly on it.
Lantern in hand,
Raindrops on brow;
Hope in heart; heaviness too.

Far away, a lone light shone
A shimmering light on a stormy night.
Once in a while, for brief moments,
Darkness defeated it.
Yet, through the rain, it continued
To flicker; stubborn little thing.

It's intriguing - hopelessness can be the best motivator,
When push comes to shove;
There's nothing to lose - go on.

Light attracts.
The promise of warmth, in a storm,
Just irresistable.
The feet complain, the lantern betrays
But the mind cannot be convinced
To give up; stubborn little thing.
Go on.