Friday, November 30, 2007

Shhh..... go back to sleep


Soft, cuddly body. Rhythmic rise and fall.
You look so cute, little thing.
Not a care in the world, save the next snack.

Don't you get up, lest you see what's happening.
It's a big, bad world out there.
Big monsters waiting to catch you
To pick you up and take you away
To a place you won't like.

They will tell you sweet nothings
And fool you to do bad things.
While you cry, they will laugh
To see you struggle to run away.
It is sad, but what can you do?

Shhh..... go back to sleep.
Sorry, I will not disturb you,
You, full of innocence and loyalty.
Hate means nothing to you.
Your heart is too small for jealousy,
Big enough for love.

But life is full of sunshine.
Chasing and jumping and smiling.
Everybody's a friend - even he who stamped you by mistake.
Even though he didn't feel sorry.

My love, you teach me so much
I held you, but it's you who touched my heart;
Thank you, pup.


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Simply wonderful!

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