Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Paris - Oh, the city of romance. And an irritating socialite.

Everybody in their right mind knows about Paris. The boulevards, the imposing Eiffel Tower and a thousand romantic spots that will make your beloved go weak-kneed. If only everything and everyone connected to this name reflected the same. Sadly [rather torturous than sad], there's this one Paris surnamed Hilton.

Agreed it's more of a media-generated hype. But even if that's taken away, she continues to shock and disgust the common man, woman and gay. I just turned on the teevee this evening and found some pretty credible people discussing her love[s] and life on a music channel. Considering it prime-time, that was disappointing. You expect music or atleast music related personalities to be on such channels, not someone who features in shabbily recorded home videos. They don't qualify for music channels even with award-winning music in the background. Not so surprising that it was the most downloaded video on the net considering she was in the buff and .....

Now don't bring up the argument that she's considered a singer. Then talk about her music; information stolen from her cell phone is not in the least way related to music. There's a limit to providing completely useless news about someone. And if the same thing is repeated in all newspapers [larger the publication, bigger the font], you'll probably realise that's a lot of paper wastage. Imagine if a small child were to open one of those papers/magazines and see a strategically [yet minimally] clothed Paris staring at him. If not that, it's about her breaking up with her fifty seventh boyfriend or losing her dog, Tinkerbell. Well, they say dogs mostly look like their owners. Quite accurate on this occassion.

The explicit home video was by far the loudest and dirtiest of all the public issues she ended up in [If you kept a track on just the number of incidents, it would fill up a Gmail account as of 26.12.2006]. She first took whosoever-it-was to court, then tried and failed in some public tactics, to end up striking an out-of-court deal. Everyone thought she had learnt her lesson. Apparently she did, and how. There was another video shortly after. Oh, the arrogance of youth [and shamelessness of a filthy rich heiress] I say. Let's leave that aside for the timebeing and concentrate on the more convincing stupidity she indulges in. 'That's hot!'. They showed about fifteen and a half incidences where she said that completely out of context and I was ready to throw stones at the teevee. Poor guy, not his fault at all; he plays what they telecast - Paris.

Outrageous I tell you. What can/has she not do/done? This very same cry of despair is turned around and asked in a manner that makes it sound like she's the Ultimate Kitchen Assistant. Atleast the latter comes to some use when you're hungry or thirstly. These days, even the Guiness Record Book has gone to the dogs. There's this guy who made it to the records for plucking a full sized turkey in exactly one and a half minute. Now, there are two ways of looking at it: 'Wow, thats amazing! Vincent Pilkington's second to none! I mean, you should have seen him in action. There were all these feathers flying about and the cause of all that action was Vincy, right at the centre, vigourously stripping those turkeys.....''. Or there is the 'Hmmm, nice one. Poor turkeys - didn't even get time to cover themselves. Now let's move on with life'.

I guess it's all about the glamour. Those who can inspire a residential colony to take social action are forgotten; but if you can make a fashion statement by hiring the hippest hair stylist to jazz up your holandric inconveniences, you'll surely make it to the cover of those stupid magazines. What for me, I'm a simple guy with simple needs. All I need to worry about is writing senseless stuff twice a month. By the way, have you heard this: Paris just hooked up with another guy. That's hot!