Thursday, November 23, 2006

And I thought life was monotonous


Could hear myself call out;
Small, soft, in a big, intimidating world.
Totally lost, completely scared.
The safety of the nest
Had forever been my home.
And now this.

Huge unfamiliar beings
Repeatedly peeped but shied away.
How could I ever hurt you? Don't know.
How could you ever hurt me? Don't know either.
But isn't it true: what is known not
Is more feared than what is.

Then one of those beings came near.
The most I could do was hop;
Beaklength at a time, getting away
From heaven knows what next.
But I was scooped up and held
In palms warm - yet unfamiliar.
And then I heard.

Out in the distance were two of my own.
Actually, two of my very own.
They answered my call, came near.
Not a thing they could do.

Then I was taken away
Still held in those palms.
Put up a few struggles; no outcome.
I feared those palms would collapse
And finish it in a moment.

Familiar sunlight; ah, the feeling.
Wait, why am I being put here?
"MOM!"; that's the loudest ever.
Palms opened up, but just couldn't leave.
The unknown has a way
Of waking instinct; or paralysis altogether.
Now I'm placed high here - no more palms
Mom was there in a second.
But what could be done?
And then I saw.

A blur of black with two steely eyes
That spoke of terror. Just terror.
One swipe and I tumbled.
In a haze, I saw the creature pounce.
It felt different, it felt.....

Had gone to a friend's place, to find a sparrow chick fallen through the window. Tried to do some good by placing it in the garden. Little did I know that I would be helping the food chain take its natural course. The chick made a wonderful evening snack for a cat. Reminded me of Garfield somehow.


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